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Fast PC Solutions can help you with your computer support needs.

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We can remove dangerous viruses and pesky spyware.

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Is your computer running slow? We can help speed it up.

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Running out of disk space? Let us clean up your hard drive.

Based out of the United States, Fast PC Solutions has been repairing computers remotely for all of North America. With the growth of technology, it was only a matter of time for a service to provide remote computer support for the public. Instead of trying to speak to computer technicians from all over the world, call us today and speak with one of our certified US based computer technicians in order to repair any computer problems you may have.

That is right, you no longer need to go through the whole song and dance of unplugging and packing up your desktop computer to take it to a local computer shop, but instead you can call and have a professional technician remotely connect to your computer for you. Remote computer support is a fast growing industry because residents and businesses all need computer support.

With the time that you will save not having to drop your computer off at the local computer shop, you will quickly find why remote computer support is growing in popularity. Most consumers do not like the idea of having their computer taken behind closed doors for days at a time, and would much rather see on their own computer which files are being accessed. When you have a remote computer technician working on your computer, you can take over the session at any point.

When our Fast PC Solutions technicians connect to your computer system, you will be able to monitor all of the work that they are doing throughout the duration of your repair. We can provide services ranging from virus and spyware removal, slow computer fixes, email support, and so much more.

If you have a computer that is performing poorly, give us a call and we can take you on a tour of your computer system in order to show you all of the details of why your computer is not at its finest. When we perform a diagnostic on your computer, we will be sure to address your initial issue while looking over the general performance of the machine. If you have slow computer issues, we will look over all of the programs in the computer that are all trying to run at the same time. Too many programs overloading your computer will easily cause your computer to slow down.

Aside from too many programs being loaded on your computer, you may have a slow system due to a virus in the system. If you are concerned about having a computer virus, be sure to contact one of our computer technicians to remove the Malware for you.

All customers that we hear from will be offered one of our memberships that will help to maintain their computer system for a long-term solution. With our memberships, we offer regular computer cleanings, software security, a state of the art backup, and much more. Don’t take your computer to a local hole in the wall computer shop, but instead call us today and see just how “We Make I.T. Simple.”

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